Society. creates opportunities and fresh environments so everybody can join in the limitless life!

Society. | Young Adults


The name explained: Limitless is the filter we use to view the world. You’ll hear about it lots! Society is the 18+ age group that we encompass


We gather weekly to celebrate everything God is doing in our lives & remind ourselves how Limitless God is. It is incredible!
LIFE Church


Dinner Parties are back Friday Feb 16th 7pm! Visit our Facebook Page for details 

Dates: Feb 16th, March 2nd, March 16th
Good Friday March 30th
United Night April 6th


The environments we create are designed to capture your imagination of how your life could possibly look and feel. This is all about elevating the senses. Our team collaborate. You can see some of their work soon through 24people


Immersing yourself in everything Limitless will see your life change. If you stay in a bath too long you’ll look like a prune, if you stay around great people and big thinking, your life will increase. 


Giving strength to new ideas is what we do best. Imagine a large collective of young adults who are devoted to each others ideas & dreams. We call it ’empowering ideas’